NLP Training Seminar

NLP Training Seminar Our Partner and Sales Manager Jihad Abou Zeid hosted an NLP Training & it was a great success. There were 27 people attending from various industry backgrounds, most of which were executives or higher management. During the seminar various topics and techniques were covered. The seminar started with an introduction to NLP

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influence people you meet positively

التعرف على اشخاص جدد influence people you meet positively ان التعرف على اشخاص جدد والتأثير عليهم ايجابا هو موهبة وفن يمكن ان يتعلمه الانسان خطوة تلو الاخرى. ان هذا الكتيب يصف تلك الخطوات التي يجب ان يتبعها اي شخص يريد ان يقابل اشخاصا جدد والتأثير بهم. مع الاشارة الى كل نقطة, وشرح معانيها بشكل مركز

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Online Training courses

Online Training courses – you can purchase some of our arabic language courses online.     التعرف على اشخاص جدد      السيطرة      المثابرة     كسر الجليد     المقاربة     التعرف على اشخاص جد      كيف تبيع أكثر      فن متابعة العملاء     النجاح طريقة عيش وحياة

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Training Courses

Training Courses – We provide different Training Courses upon request, here are some of our most requested courses: Master the ART of Selling in 6 steps Up-selling and repeat business How to speak on the telephone How to achieve success and meet your targets Control your Life and your circumstances How to be a Leader

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Executive Sales Training

Executive Sales Training – We provide sales training for small and large companies, set targets, and help your sales team to achieve them. Our courses are taylor made to suit your industry and your company’s particular needs.  All sales training is carried out according to a scientific approach based on human behavior, power of convincing,

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Executive Training

Executive Training Dynamic Dezyne International provides executive training to companies and individuals to become leaders with particular focus on personal development, positive attitude as well as sales training. Special seminars and workshops are designed to suit companies and their sales teams. Browse through our website to find out more about our training courses, and check

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