How to Make Money Online

Learn how to create an online income

Making Money Online seminar is for total beginners that will show you how to supplement your income and build an online business step by step.

Does any of the below apply to you?

  • Are you having a hard time meeting your obligations and paying your bills?
  • Is your income barely enough to pay for your house, your children’s education and your basic needs?
  • What are the possibilities of increasing your income and keeping your 9 to 5 job?
  • Are you unable to buy your house or get married because of the economic conditions and the low pay?
  • Do you dream of making enough money to enjoy your life and stop the stress and the worry of how to get by day by day?

The answer to the above is to create an extra income online without a lot of work. It is fun and simple once you know how. You will also learn to automate your business so that it takes a few hours of your time, in addition to having fun and making money online.

Creating an extra income through the internet is easy and can be done by anyone who knows how, therefore thousands of people are making money online around the world because it is easy to do.

Advantages of making money online:

  • Your are not tied down to a local economy
  • The market is huge, due to the fact that the internet opens up the whole world and you can easily sell to any country around the world
  • Minimal capital setup, since it is much cheaper for you to set an online business than offline
  • No need to hire employees
  • You only need to work a few hours per week, which are more than enough for most online businesses, your time will be spent enjoying your family instead of working
  • You do not need to stock inventory
  • It is fun to create your online business
  • You can automate your online business, which means you can continue working in your current job and earn extra from online with little extra effort

Seminar Content

One day seminar for total beginners, will cover the following:

  1.  Introduction to online business
  2. Different ways to making money online covering:
    • Affiliates
    • E-stores
    • Selling on Market Places
    • Blogging
    • Drop Shipping
    • Digital goods
    • Selling information
    • Creating ebooks
    • Teaching online courses
    • How to write and get published
    • Outsourcing
    • Freelancing
    • Selling on Amazon
    • Selling on ebay
  3. Discussing in detail how to start selling within days without the need to buy a product or setup a website
  4. Setting up your affiliates to create lucrative income
  5. How to protect your affiliate links from hijackers
  6. Having a website that creates confidence and prestige
  7. Choosing your niche
  8. How to market to get your first clients
  9. Building you mailing list so that you can sell and resell to your clients
  10. Understanding social media power and creating followers
  11. What is SEO and how to use it to your advantage
  12. How to receive your money in Lebanon quickly and cost effectively
  13. Understanding payment gateways and who works with Lebanon
  14. How to get paid through PayPal even if you don’t have PayPal
  15. What are the risks of doing business online, and how to play it safe
  16. Automating your business
  17. How to grow your business by creating multiple streams of income

What you will achieve at the end of the seminar

Since the seminar is for total beginners and is only for one day, at the end of the seminar you will have a general understanding of:

  • The many possibilities you have, to create an online business
  • Various ways of making money online that can as a result work for you
  • General view of how you can market your business online

You will have a clear and specific understanding of:

  • What are affiliates
  • How to start making money using affiliates systems
  • Put together an online system that suits your needs
  • How to get your money quickly and easily
  • A fair Understanding of payment gateways and how they work

Most noteworthy is that you should be able to start your online business within days after completing this seminar. You will also receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the seminar.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking for an extra income with minimum hours per week.

You could be a business owner, an executive, and employee, a self employed person, a student, a graduate, or simply just anyone with the ambition to make extra money and to slowly build an online multiple streams of income in addition to your normal income.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a genuine business opportunity for serious people, therefore it is not a risky business and does not require you to have a large capital. Finally, it does require that you invest a little to setup and run your business and to market it, however our bonuses can help you to reduce these costs to a minimum.

Extra Bonuses

In conclusion, at the seminar, you will also be offered great discounts on various tools to create a successful online business, as special deals brokered for our attendants, these bonus deals are worth over $1000 in savings.

Take Action TODAY, To Change Your TOMORROW

Date: Monday 11th Sep, 2017, Jounieh

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Book your place here


Investment: $180 / participant

Group discounts available.

Bring your laptop for full interaction and learning.

This event is organised in collaboration between Fikr for Training and Dynamic Dezyne

Call now for more info: +961 3 966 601

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NLP Training Seminar

NLP Training Seminar

Our Partner and Sales Manager Jihad Abou Zeid hosted an NLP Training & it was a great success. There were 27 people attending from various industry backgrounds, most of which were executives or higher management.

During the seminar various topics and techniques were covered. The seminar started with an introduction to NLP and how it can be used in every day communication an d in particular in business communications. The seminar then turned into an energy charged meeting when various techniques were carried live and many attendees experienced NLP directly through live demonstrations of how to achieve each individual’s state of excellence, while other techniques were delivered by curing various fears and phobias.

Every person learned and experienced first hand some of the techniques when group workshop took place on the third day. By the end of the seminar, all attendees had basic grasp of NLP principles and various techniques that will help the in their every day life whether business or personal.

The seminar was a great success, and the feed back very encouraging. We look forward to the next seminar in August, exact dates to be announced soon. We are now open for registration, and look forward to having you with us on the next seminar.

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influence people you meet positively

التعرف على اشخاص جدد
influence people you meet positively

ان التعرف على اشخاص جدد والتأثير عليهم ايجابا هو موهبة وفن يمكن ان يتعلمه الانسان خطوة تلو الاخرى.

ان هذا الكتيب يصف تلك الخطوات التي يجب ان يتبعها اي شخص يريد ان يقابل اشخاصا جدد والتأثير بهم. مع الاشارة الى كل نقطة, وشرح معانيها بشكل مركز وكيفية تطبيقها من المظهر الى طريقة المشي الى نظرة العين الى نغمة الصوت وكل الامور التي تساعدك على اتمام اي صفقة.

هذا الكتيب يفيدك من خلال التطبيقات العملية الواردة فيه لتساعدك على اكتسابها بطريقة سريعة.

جهز نفسك لكي تتعرف على اشخاص جدد وانت في اعلى المستويات لما يعطيك ذلك من بريق وثقة بالنفس. ان هذا الكتيب موجه الى كافة الاشخاص الذين يعملون في مجال البيع، التسويق، الاعمال ، وكل الذين تتطلب اعمالهم التعرف على اشخاص جدد.

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Online Training courses

Online Training courses – you can purchase some of our arabic language courses online.

    التعرف على اشخاص جدد 
    كسر الجليد
    التعرف على اشخاص جد
     كيف تبيع أكثر
     فن متابعة العملاء
    النجاح طريقة عيش وحياة
     كيف تتكلم على الهاتف؟
    فن التعامل مع الناس + يتضمن جميع المواضيع أعلاه
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Private Tutoring and special programs

Private Tutoring and special programs – we are happy to provide your company with a special taylor made program to suit the needs of your organization.

We also provide private Training for executive management personnel to master the art of leadership, building a successful team, managing people effectively, taking control of any situation, problem solving, influencing people, and living successfully.

please contact us for more details and your special requirements.

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Training Courses

Training Courses – We provide different Training Courses upon request, here are some of our most requested courses:

Master the ART of Selling in 6 steps
Up-selling and repeat business
How to speak on the telephone
How to achieve success and meet your targets
Control your Life and your circumstances
How to be a Leader

Our training course cover 3 areas:


Dealing with people

Personality & Attitude.

All course material is written in Arabic and is presented in Arabic.

Each Training day is for the duration of minimum of 4 hours. Some courses or workshop are heavy in material and may run for more than the 4 hours / day.

The Trainer is Mr. Jihad Abou Zeid, a Lebanese national who is an expert and a top professional in sales training and in dealing with clients. He has written many courses and have trained thousands of trainees in the Middle East all based on his long experience in the field. He is Regional Manager for Dynamic Dezyne and a partner. His professionalism and expertise has changed many people’s lives and attitudes through his training and support for sales and marketing personnel.

Training is in the form of presenting the material with live examples, lecturing and direct interaction with all participants, followed by a training workshop and role playing where all participants will take part in groups and as individuals to reenact the principles they have learned.

At the end of the training, every participant will receive a Reference letter for the completion of the Training course they have taken, plus copies of all the course materials they have learned.

By the end of the training, participants will have learned new skills that will increase effectiveness and productivity in the fields of sales, customer relations, Public Relations, handling client complaints and dealing with clients at all levels.

For more information please contact us for a meeting.
Or visit our website

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Executive Sales Training

Executive Sales Training – We provide sales training for small and large companies, set targets, and help your sales team to achieve them.

Our courses are taylor made to suit your industry and your company’s particular needs.  All sales training is carried out according to a scientific approach based on human behavior, power of convincing, and the study of positive attitude and its effects on your sales team.

Our courses are available on demand and address directly the issues faced by your sales team in the market. We work with each and every individual to achieve the required goal.  Our approach to training is not the classical classroom approach.  We train people to deal with people. We investigate the human mind, body language, the power of positive words, the frame of mind of the sales, the impact on the client, and most importantly we teach your sales team how to close the deal.

Our Training approach is more of a workshop than a lecture. Provided by our own executive sales expert with experience in direct sales and marketing of over 10 years.

We have trained and transformed thousands of people into star sales people. The course teaches people how to handle clients in a professional way, and how to deliver results. It teaches them how to approach the market and how to think on their feet to handle any situation they may come across.

The course provides motivation for the sales team, and builds confidence in the human power to control their life and their circumstances, resulting in highly motivated and successful team.

We focus on building leadership amongst your sales, and work on individual level to overcome hidden fears and insecurities that may be hindering your sales from achieving their full potential.

Product Training can also be added upon request, as well as upselling.

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Executive Training

Executive Training

Dynamic Dezyne International provides executive training to companies and individuals to become leaders with particular focus on personal development, positive attitude as well as sales training.

Special seminars and workshops are designed to suit companies and their sales teams.

Browse through our website to find out more about our training courses, and check our online training section to buy courses online.

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