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Mobile Apps

Smart phones and Tablets have taken over the world of communication, and businesses are still struggling to find out how to benefit from this trend. We are here to help small and large businesses alike to maximize the benefit of the smart phone trend by providing amazing mobile apps at a very affordable price.  DDI provides different kinds of mobile apps such as Android and IOS and web apps.

Why apps?

Mobile Apps are the future, a chance to put your company’s profile into your clients hands, your logo on their mobile. Mobile apps give you the chance to interact with your clients, keep them informed and easily communicate with them.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, talk to us. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a beautiful design and useful functionality, at a very reasonable price. Check our profile to see sample of mobile apps we have created in the past couple of years.

Our web apps feature:
·        Graphical interface that is easy to navigate and gives instant access to the info the user is looking for
·        Design resizes to fit any device both portrait and landscape
·        Appealing designs with professional look and feel that enhances the user experience
·        Custom pages with text and images
·        Contact forms results sent by email
·        Attractive Photo Gallery
·        Image Slider
·        Locations on Google map
·        Product / Service list pages
·        Categories > sub categories > items with details and images
·        Online Mobile order and shopping cart
·        Click to Call
·        Click to Email
·        Video Gallery
·        Show and hide featured page
·        Intro Splash page
·        ability to read from your website database through integration
·        Automatic Mobile Redirection from your website to the app if your website is being viewed on a device
·        QR codes for promotion and easy access to your app
·        Social Sharing
·        Push Notifications

We will submit your app to Google Play and Apple Store.