How to add email account to Outlook

Adding your email account to outlook will easily allow you to receive and store your emails, archive them, organize and keep your emails on your laptop or desktop, while deleting the emails from the sever, opening up space.

Below are the steps to take for successful installation of your email on outlook:

1- open outlook, then click on ‘File


installing email on outlook step 1


2- Choose ‘Info‘ from left menu, then Account Settings > Add

installing email on outlook step 2


3- Now click on ‘NEW‘ from top menu

installing email on outlook step 3


4- Choose ‘manually configure server settings or additional server types’

installing email on outlook step 4


5- Click Next

installing email on outlook step 5


6- Choose ‘Internet E-mail’ then click NEXT

installing email on outlook step 6


7- fill in the details:

a- your full name

b- your full email

c- choose pop3

d- incoming server & outgoing server should both be mail.yourdomain.com  replace yourdomain.com with the actual domain example if my domain was ddiweb.net then this would be mail.ddiweb.net

e- user name is your full email (same as the email you put in point b) above)

f- password should be the password for your email

g- select ‘remember password’

installing email on outlook step 7


8- Now click ‘More Settings’

installing email on outlook step 8


9- from Top Tabs:

  • click on ‘Outgoing Server‘ Tab
  • Select ‘My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication
  • Ensure that ‘use same settings as my incoming mail server’ is also selected

installing email on outlook step 9


10- From Top Tabs:

  • Click on  ‘Advanced‘ Tab
  • Check that pop3 port is 110
  • Change smtp port to 26

installing email on outlook step 10


11- change the remove from server after to 2 days maximum to avoid filing up your space.

2 days is long enough for you to receive your emails on your mobile and on your laptop.

This setting is for your emails to stay on the server after you have downloaded them on outlook for 2 days.

installing email on outlook step 11


12- Click NEXT and now outlook will test your settings

installing email on outlook step 12


13- A Test Account settings will attempt to access the mail server and test that your settings are correct, once you see the correct signs, click Close.

If the test failed, then go back and double check that you entered all the right information in steps 7- 10 and repeat the test

you could have misspelled your email, domain, or password, or perhaps added a space in the server name, or forgot to change smtp port to 26.

installing email on outlook step 13


14- If all is correct and the test passed, click the Finish

installing email on outlook step 14


15- Now you can see the new email you installed appear under emails, click Close to finish installation

installing email on outlook step 15


16- From Top Menu of main Outlook, click ‘HOME‘ Tab then Click ‘SEND & RECEIVE’ to start receiving your emails.

installing email on outlook step 16


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How to Make Money Online

Learn how to create an online income

Making Money Online seminar is for total beginners that will show you how to supplement your income and build an online business step by step.

Does any of the below apply to you?

  • Are you having a hard time meeting your obligations and paying your bills?
  • Is your income barely enough to pay for your house, your children’s education and your basic needs?
  • What are the possibilities of increasing your income and keeping your 9 to 5 job?
  • Are you unable to buy your house or get married because of the economic conditions and the low pay?
  • Do you dream of making enough money to enjoy your life and stop the stress and the worry of how to get by day by day?

The answer to the above is to create an extra income online without a lot of work. It is fun and simple once you know how. You will also learn to automate your business so that it takes a few hours of your time, in addition to having fun and making money online.

Creating an extra income through the internet is easy and can be done by anyone who knows how, therefore thousands of people are making money online around the world because it is easy to do.

Advantages of making money online:

  • Your are not tied down to a local economy
  • The market is huge, due to the fact that the internet opens up the whole world and you can easily sell to any country around the world
  • Minimal capital setup, since it is much cheaper for you to set an online business than offline
  • No need to hire employees
  • You only need to work a few hours per week, which are more than enough for most online businesses, your time will be spent enjoying your family instead of working
  • You do not need to stock inventory
  • It is fun to create your online business
  • You can automate your online business, which means you can continue working in your current job and earn extra from online with little extra effort

Seminar Content

One day seminar for total beginners, will cover the following:

  1.  Introduction to online business
  2. Different ways to making money online covering:
    • Affiliates
    • E-stores
    • Selling on Market Places
    • Blogging
    • Drop Shipping
    • Digital goods
    • Selling information
    • Creating ebooks
    • Teaching online courses
    • How to write and get published
    • Outsourcing
    • Freelancing
    • Selling on Amazon
    • Selling on ebay
  3. Discussing in detail how to start selling within days without the need to buy a product or setup a website
  4. Setting up your affiliates to create lucrative income
  5. How to protect your affiliate links from hijackers
  6. Having a website that creates confidence and prestige
  7. Choosing your niche
  8. How to market to get your first clients
  9. Building you mailing list so that you can sell and resell to your clients
  10. Understanding social media power and creating followers
  11. What is SEO and how to use it to your advantage
  12. How to receive your money in Lebanon quickly and cost effectively
  13. Understanding payment gateways and who works with Lebanon
  14. How to get paid through PayPal even if you don’t have PayPal
  15. What are the risks of doing business online, and how to play it safe
  16. Automating your business
  17. How to grow your business by creating multiple streams of income

What you will achieve at the end of the seminar

Since the seminar is for total beginners and is only for one day, at the end of the seminar you will have a general understanding of:

  • The many possibilities you have, to create an online business
  • Various ways of making money online that can as a result work for you
  • General view of how you can market your business online

You will have a clear and specific understanding of:

  • What are affiliates
  • How to start making money using affiliates systems
  • Put together an online system that suits your needs
  • How to get your money quickly and easily
  • A fair Understanding of payment gateways and how they work

Most noteworthy is that you should be able to start your online business within days after completing this seminar. You will also receive a certificate of attendance at the end of the seminar.

Who is this for?

Anyone looking for an extra income with minimum hours per week.

You could be a business owner, an executive, and employee, a self employed person, a student, a graduate, or simply just anyone with the ambition to make extra money and to slowly build an online multiple streams of income in addition to your normal income.

This is not a get rich quick scheme. It is a genuine business opportunity for serious people, therefore it is not a risky business and does not require you to have a large capital. Finally, it does require that you invest a little to setup and run your business and to market it, however our bonuses can help you to reduce these costs to a minimum.

Extra Bonuses

In conclusion, at the seminar, you will also be offered great discounts on various tools to create a successful online business, as special deals brokered for our attendants, these bonus deals are worth over $1000 in savings.

Take Action TODAY, To Change Your TOMORROW

Date: Monday 11th Sep, 2017, Jounieh

Time: 9 am – 5 pm

Book your place here


Investment: $180 / participant

Group discounts available.

Bring your laptop for full interaction and learning.

This event is organised in collaboration between Fikr for Training and Dynamic Dezyne

Call now for more info: +961 3 966 601

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How to change your password in outlook

Follow the 7 steps below to change your password on outlook:

Step 1

Go to File > info > Account Settings > Account settings

how to change your password in outlook

Step 2

Select the email account that you want to change the password for and double click

how to change your password in outlook


Step 3

Go to Password

Type in your new password, it is better to have it written in a notepad, then copy from notepad without any empty space, then paste in outlook

make sure ‘remember password’ is selected

how to change your password in outlook


Step 4

Click Next

how to change your password in outlook

Step 5

At this point outlook will run a test for incoming and outgoing emails to see if the settings are correct.

click close to close the test after finishing

how to change your password in outlook


Step 6


how to change your password in outlook


Step 7


how to change your password in outlook



That’s it 🙂



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Privacy error on webmail Fix

When trying to open webmail on cPanel accounts for the first time, you may encounter a Privacy error.

In most cases this is scary for the user, specially with all the warnings that chrome, or Firefox or other browsers display. In this tutorial, we will explain why you may encounter such privacy errors, and why it is ok to proceed.

First of all the error is a warning that the security certificate that you are using is not for your domain, but rather for another domain which normally is for your server. The browser warns about this because the security certificate is different than your domain.

If you have purchased a security certificate for your domain, then this error will not appear, but if you have not, then webmail will use the security certificate of your server where your domain is hosted.

To correct this, all you need to do is tell your browser that it is ok, and to proceed. Next time round, this privacy error will not appear anymore.

below are the fixes for 2 browsers, Google Chrom browser, and Firefox browser, each of which has a different procedure.


Chrome Privacy Error

Type in yourdomain.com/webmail  [Enter]

If you get the below screen, click on ADVANCED

Another warning will appear, just click on: Proceed to yourdomain.com (unsafe)

Now the webmail will open normally, just type your email and password, and click login

FireFox Privacy Error

If you are a FirFox user, just type in yourdomain.com/webmail [ENter]

and if you see the privacy error below, click on ADVANCED


FireFox Privacy Error

If you are a FirFox user, just type in yourdomain.com/webmail [ENter]

and if you see the privacy error below, click on ADVANCED

A popup displaying your domain will appear, Click on : CONFIRM EXCEPTION

what you are doing here is informing Firefox that it is ok to use your domain with this certificate

Now webmail login page will appear, and you can login safely to your webmail







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How to Fix the Zoom in Embedded Google Map & Frame attributes

Problem with displaying Google Map on your site

In the new Google map, the share > embed map on my website, seems to have a problem with the zoom.

The embedded map shows barely the main street of the location you want, making this quite difficult to use.

Visitors to the website will have to manually zoom out by pressing the minus sign on the map several times to be able to use the Google map, not only is this annoying, but also looks very unprofessional. Luckily the solution is very simple, you just need to add the zoom level within the iframe code to fix this issue.


There are 2 ways to fix the zoom in Google map, depending on whether you are using the Classic Google Map or the New Google map. Below I will give the solution to both.

After creating your map, you click on: Share > embed map on my website, and google will give a code for you to copy and paste into your website.

the code will look something like this:

<iframe src=”https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zaFvX1PrDnRHjN3qlg-MJo” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

In the new Google maps, just add &z=# where the larger the # the more zoom in view, the smaller the number the more zoom out view of the map.

Please note that the &z=# should be added within the “” of the scr.

Example, if we wanted to zoom the map to 12, then the code above would become:

<iframe src=”https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zaFvX1PrDnRHjN3qlg-MJo&z=12” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

in the old classic Google maps, you would add &zoom=#

so the code would become:

<iframe src=”https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zaFvX1PrDnRHjN3qlg-MJo&zoom=12” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

Other properties you can  also change in the code above is obviously the width and height of the iframe, such as:

<iframe src=”https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zaFvX1PrDnRHjN3qlg-MJo&z=12″ width=”720” height=”960″></iframe>

Or you could add/remove a border

<iframe src=”https://mapsengine.google.com/map/embed?mid=zaFvX1PrDnRHjN3qlg-MJo&z=12″ width=”720” height=”960″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″></iframe>

by specifying a border equal to zero, the map appears to be part of the page without any borders surrounding the iframe.


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Noivas Wedding Dresses Mobile App

Noivas Bridal Dresses Mobile App

Noivas have a new mobile app on the app stores, both android & IOS. If you are looking for the perfect dress for your wedding, then you should download the  app and browse through the beautiful collections. Noivas displays bridal dresses from the best wedding dresses designers worldwide. Your special day deserves a special elegant dress that will let you shine as a princess.

Mobile app features

The unique and beautiful design of the mobile app reflects Noivas classy bridal shop.

The app has an elegant and pleasant design, thus making it easy for you to navigate and browse. Another nice feature is the photo gallery. Various photo albums for different collections of bridal dresses and evening dresses. Also you will notice a special section for flower girl dresses.  Noivas provides you with all your wedding dresses and accessories due to the large choice of lovely bridal dresses in any of their shops across Lebanon.



Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A side menu  displays an easy navigation.

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

Lovely wedding dresses fit for a princess

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

an elegant blue evening dress suitable for a wedding

Mobile app for noivas evening dresses

A lovely royal blue chiffon evening dress with lovely embroidery

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A simple yet elegant wedding dress that flows naturally, with lovely embroidery across the top.

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A large selection to suit any bride style for that special day

Mobile app for noivas evening dresses

Evening dresses that are classy, elegant and sexy fit for a royal wedding.

What’s in it for you?

Downloading the mobile app will keep you updated with the latest collection available at Noivas stores.

  • Therefore you will be among the first to see the new collection.
  • You can put it in your favorite folder so that you can view it later and share with your friends.
  • Receive notifications when new arrivals are available at the stores.
  • Also you can contact Noivas with one touch to arrange for an appointment or a wedding dress fitting at your convenience.

Download Noivas mobile app

Visit the app stores and download our app so that you can enjoy staying up to date with the latest wedding dresses from famous worldwide designers.

Download the Android version:  click to visit Google Play Store

Download the IOS version: click to visit itunes store


Noivas mobile app was designed & developed by Dynamic Dezyne.


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Roula Hamadeh Jewelry

Roula Hamadeh Jewelry website to show case the beautiful custom designs and collections that are designed a la cart. Elegant and enchanting.

Professional website for Jewelry Design features:

where users can browse and see all the available jewelry collections, and the new jewelry collections as they are released.

All jewelry are arranged in categories as well, for easy access.  Users can easily check available ideas for beautiful jewelry design by category such as rings, bracelets, pendants, necklaces, and other jewelry items.

Users can easily order a special jewelry item, or a jewelry set directly from the website.

Roula Hamadeh sells her signature jewelry in Europe, the Middle East and in Latin America. She has great exquisite taste that shows clearly in her jewelry designs.

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Lorenzo Rent a Car

A beautiful website for Lorenzo rent a car where users can browse available cars and book online the favorite car in advance.

Lorenzo Rent a car website features all available cars with prices / day. A full detailed website with search. The cars are classified by category.  The website is responsive and displays nicely on smart devices.

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Pralino Chocolates Indulgence

Pralino website for the yummiest chocolates collection available anywhere.

A website dedicated to chocolates and chocolate lovers worldwide. Pralino manufactures very high standard and a wide selection of chocolates. The website reflects the different kinds of chocolates and sweets, categorized for easy identification, with professional images of chocolates that makes the mouth water.


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Rent a Car Mobile App

Race Rent a car Mobile App with reservations and payment right from your mobile. Easily check available cars, prices and book in advance your favorite car.

Mobile App for car rentals displaying all the available cars, with online reservations and payment using e-commerce. When cars are not available, the reservation button disappears to prevent accidental reservations for unavailable cars.


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