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Dynamic Dezyne International has been a pioneer in promoting each country of operation through the Internet to more than 160 countries worldwide.

As a special and private project, Dynamic Dezyne International has developed one of the most comprehensive marketing plans for each country of operation to market local companies from all sectors of the economy through the Internet, to reach new markets abroad and locally.


The main aim of the project is to promote each country, to actively encourage business exchange, export of products, tourism and invite visitors from around the world to visit the country whether for business investment, dealing with local companies or simply as tourists, as well as providing an e-commerce media to encourage extra sales and marketing of individual local products and companies.

Country Mall

The name ‘Mall’ means the user can actually buy products specific to the country through ecommerce. It is a virtual mall where users can browse around to get any information they may need about the country. The portal will not only provide serious information, it will also provide fun information for users and activities with interaction so that users will become frequent visitors.

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