NLP Training Seminar

NLP Training Seminar

Our Partner and Sales Manager Jihad Abou Zeid hosted an NLP Training & it was a great success. There were 27 people attending from various industry backgrounds, most of which were executives or higher management.

During the seminar various topics and techniques were covered. The seminar started with an introduction to NLP and how it can be used in every day communication an d in particular in business communications. The seminar then turned into an energy charged meeting when various techniques were carried live and many attendees experienced NLP directly through live demonstrations of how to achieve each individual’s state of excellence, while other techniques were delivered by curing various fears and phobias.

Every person learned and experienced first hand some of the techniques when group workshop took place on the third day. By the end of the seminar, all attendees had basic grasp of NLP principles and various techniques that will help the in their every day life whether business or personal.

The seminar was a great success, and the feed back very encouraging. We look forward to the next seminar in August, exact dates to be announced soon. We are now open for registration, and look forward to having you with us on the next seminar.