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How to Fix the Zoom in Embedded Google Map & Frame attributes

Problem with displaying Google Map on your site

In the new Google map, the share > embed map on my website, seems to have a problem with the zoom.

The embedded map shows barely the main street of the location you want, making this quite difficult to use.

Visitors to the website will have to manually zoom out by pressing the minus sign on the map several times to be able to use the Google map, not only is this annoying, but also looks very unprofessional. Luckily the solution is very simple, you just need to add the zoom level within the iframe code to fix this issue.


There are 2 ways to fix the zoom in Google map, depending on whether you are using the Classic Google Map or the New Google map. Below I will give the solution to both.

After creating your map, you click on: Share > embed map on my website, and google will give a code for you to copy and paste into your website.

the code will look something like this:

<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

In the new Google maps, just add &z=# where the larger the # the more zoom in view, the smaller the number the more zoom out view of the map.

Please note that the &z=# should be added within the “” of the scr.

Example, if we wanted to zoom the map to 12, then the code above would become:

<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

in the old classic Google maps, you would add &zoom=#

so the code would become:

<iframe src=”” width=”640″ height=”480″></iframe>

Other properties you can  also change in the code above is obviously the width and height of the iframe, such as:

<iframe src=”″ width=”720” height=”960″></iframe>

Or you could add/remove a border

<iframe src=”″ width=”720” height=”960″ frameborder=”0″ style=”border:0″></iframe>

by specifying a border equal to zero, the map appears to be part of the page without any borders surrounding the iframe.


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Noivas Wedding Dresses Mobile App

Noivas Bridal Dresses Mobile App

Noivas have a new mobile app on the app stores, both android & IOS. If you are looking for the perfect dress for your wedding, then you should download the  app and browse through the beautiful collections. Noivas displays bridal dresses from the best wedding dresses designers worldwide. Your special day deserves a special elegant dress that will let you shine as a princess.

Mobile app features

The unique and beautiful design of the mobile app reflects Noivas classy bridal shop.

The app has an elegant and pleasant design, thus making it easy for you to navigate and browse. Another nice feature is the photo gallery. Various photo albums for different collections of bridal dresses and evening dresses. Also you will notice a special section for flower girl dresses.  Noivas provides you with all your wedding dresses and accessories due to the large choice of lovely bridal dresses in any of their shops across Lebanon.



Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A side menu  displays an easy navigation.

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

Lovely wedding dresses fit for a princess

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

an elegant blue evening dress suitable for a wedding

Mobile app for noivas evening dresses

A lovely royal blue chiffon evening dress with lovely embroidery

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A simple yet elegant wedding dress that flows naturally, with lovely embroidery across the top.

Mobile app for noivas wedding dresses

A large selection to suit any bride style for that special day

Mobile app for noivas evening dresses

Evening dresses that are classy, elegant and sexy fit for a royal wedding.

What’s in it for you?

Downloading the mobile app will keep you updated with the latest collection available at Noivas stores.

  • Therefore you will be among the first to see the new collection.
  • You can put it in your favorite folder so that you can view it later and share with your friends.
  • Receive notifications when new arrivals are available at the stores.
  • Also you can contact Noivas with one touch to arrange for an appointment or a wedding dress fitting at your convenience.

Download Noivas mobile app

Visit the app stores and download our app so that you can enjoy staying up to date with the latest wedding dresses from famous worldwide designers.

Download the Android version:  click to visit Google Play Store

Download the IOS version: click to visit itunes store


Noivas mobile app was designed & developed by Dynamic Dezyne.


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