Web Hosting

Cloud Hosting

We are expert in hosting since 1997. We provide several cloud hosting options for your web presence, we can even get you and fully manage your very own server in the cloud.  Hosting is not just space, it is also about software and security, it is about accessibility and customer support.  Our hosting experts provide you with all your custom needs and beyond.

Our complete web solutions provide online presence to both individual non technical clients and to resellers. We provide hosting, programming, design, content management, in addition to SEO and  marketing online.

We strive to take away the headaches of online presence and keep our clients to concentrate on their content while we concentrate on the technical issues.

Our Hosting solutions include:
Small managed hosting accounts for business and personal use

Virtual Reseller Hosting with the ability to create accounts for your clients and to manage fully your hosting and that of your clients without the need for technical knowledge or server administration.

Dedicated Servers for the advanced technical gurus who want to maintain their own servers.

Our data centers are located in Europe and the USA.

We also provide domain names registry online both for resellers and individuals.

For more details contact us through email or phone.

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Management Software Solutions

Dynamic Dezyne is a pioneer in creating management software solutions to help small and large companies in all various industries.

Data and information are the basis of all business decisions in this fast pace business environment of the 21st century. Getting information in a useful and meaningful manner, and getting it quickly are the major needs of all industries today.

Our industry solutions give access to management to have all the critical information easily accessible and at hand when they need it.

Our software solutions are all based online, using the power of the Internet to connect the executive management to all critical data and info 24/7. We also connect company branches regardless of their locations by centralizing the data and records through one interface, making management reporting a simple task and as easy as a mouse click.

We give great attention to statistical reporting and to management financial reporting, allowing managers to make correct business decisions based on up to the minute reports generated on the fly through our solutions.

Company executives can manage their assets and their human resources easily from within the admin.

If you are looking for fast and easy access to all information about your company, branches, assets, financial information, sales, human resources, agents, etc, then speak to us today to discuss your needs, we will advise you on the best solution to suit your immediate needs.

Online Software Solutions

Today’s competitive business requires smart tools to help you achieve more in less time. Many of the ready tools online can help companies to do tasks quickly and more efficiently. However there is always a need for specialization in any industry.

Ready made solutions require that you adapt your style of work to suit the tools, we do exactly the opposite. We create the tools that fit your ways and methods of doing business, so that you and your staff feel comfortable adapting the new tool to do your business more effectively,  faster, and with reduced costs.

We create various software to fit different industries, and provide reports and analysis that will help you to make the right decisions.

We have been creating software customized to the clients needs since 1981. We now use latest technology to create the software online so that it is accessible from any browser, making it easier to manage from anywhere there is an internet connection. Your data is stored on servers in the USA or Europe, and can be at your finger tips any time anywhere.

We use the latest technology available to develop smart and user friendly systems.  Our software is developed completely in-house. It is engineered to be adaptable and upgrade-able for continuous improvements and incorporation of new and advanced features.

We design our software to be used by non technical personnel, ensuring friendliness and ease of use. Catering for any industry, we are able to provide online solutions to better manage their companies, internal communications and to provide reporting that is easily and quickly accessible.

Our solutions can be adapted and tailor-made for any company, using your existing management system to build the e-solution.

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E-commerce Solutions

The Internet provides a medium for marketing and for direct selling to small and large companies alike. Dynamic Dezyne is a leader in e-commerce development to provide its clients with an e-commerce platform to sell their products and services directly to the public through the Internet.

We provide all the needed development. payment gateway integration, help and consultancy on the best way to start selling online through e-commerce platforms.

We have developed many e-commerce enabled websites across the Middle East, and have helped our clients to reach new markets and new clients.

For all your e-commerce needs, do not hesitate to contact us at any time.

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Mobile Apps

Smart phones and Tablets have taken over the world of communication, and businesses are still struggling to find out how to benefit from this trend. We are here to help small and large businesses alike to maximize the benefit of the smart phone trend by providing amazing mobile apps at a very affordable price.  DDI provides different kinds of mobile apps such as Android and IOS and web apps.

Why apps?

Mobile Apps are the future, a chance to put your company’s profile into your clients hands, your logo on their mobile. Mobile apps give you the chance to interact with your clients, keep them informed and easily communicate with them.

If your business doesn’t have a mobile app, talk to us. We will discuss your needs and provide you with a beautiful design and useful functionality, at a very reasonable price. Check our profile to see sample of mobile apps we have created in the past couple of years.

Our web apps feature:
·        Graphical interface that is easy to navigate and gives instant access to the info the user is looking for
·        Design resizes to fit any device both portrait and landscape
·        Appealing designs with professional look and feel that enhances the user experience
·        Custom pages with text and images
·        Contact forms results sent by email
·        Attractive Photo Gallery
·        Image Slider
·        Locations on Google map
·        Product / Service list pages
·        Categories > sub categories > items with details and images
·        Online Mobile order and shopping cart
·        Click to Call
·        Click to Email
·        Video Gallery
·        Show and hide featured page
·        Intro Splash page
·        ability to read from your website database through integration
·        Automatic Mobile Redirection from your website to the app if your website is being viewed on a device
·        QR codes for promotion and easy access to your app
·        Social Sharing
·        Push Notifications

We will submit your app to Google Play and Apple Store.


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Web Design

Having a web presence is essential for any business today even if it was a one man small business. The world has become a small place connected through the internet.  We provide your needs whether it is a one page or a large portal. We provide e-solutions that can range from a small website to a huge internal communication system for large companies or organizations.  We listen to you, and help you achieve and maximize the benefits of your web presence.

Functionality and good programming design coupled with an attractive animation and easy-to-use graphical interface and simple logical navigation will ensure that visitors enjoy and benefit from visiting our clients sites.

Dynamic Dezyne provides four types of web design services:

Simple static websites
Dynamic websites
Advanced websites with relational online databases & queries
E-commerce enabled websites including shopping cart system


We provide database solutions with friendly end user interfaces using our in-house custom made “content management system” according to the clients’ needs and purposes.
Our solutions are designed with a friendly automated web based content management interface that allows our customer to handle their web contents, updates and information easily and quickly without the need for complicated procedures or technical knowledge.

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