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Dynamic Dezyne International -
We are a consulting firm specializing in Business Services to the business community since 1997:

Business Plans and feasibility Studies, including market studies based on surveys. 
We carry out market studies based on data collected and analysed from market surveys that are prepared with a set objective related to our clients industry and target. 
Business plans are prepared based on the results of the surveys, and the objectives of the client.  Our financial forecasts are carried out by auditors with the target of helping our client finance his projects through financial institutions and banks if required, or can be presented to prospective investors for seed funding or growth funds.


Marketing and E-marketing, SEO and search engine submissions. 
We provide full marketing plans utilizing all available channels traditional and modern, including all media from TV, Radio, Billboards, Printed Media and the Internet.
We specialize in internet marketing where we provide our clients with various channels and options where we increase their visibility online through search engines and other media, social and commercial.
Online Software Applications.
Our IT department are highly qualified and can create online custom made software for business managemnt according to clients needs. The object of our online software is to create an efficient management information systems that will give access to highly sensitive reports to management, enabling them to take better startegic decisions and better financial control of their companies. Our online software systems help businesses of all sizes to run their business activities more smoothly getting info and reports in a timely manner, saving both on cost and time.

Web development and ecommerce
Our innovative and highly trained IT Team, creates websites that reflect the image of our clients companies with particular focus on clean code, friendly back end admin, custom made for our clients, enabling them to easily update their websites.
We specialize in ecommerce solutions enabling online payments through various channels and online payment gateways.
Our Servers enjoy high security, and are located in Europe and North America, ensuring that we always have the latest software, technology, and hardware.

Mobile applications Android & IOS
We specialize in creating all kind of mobile applications with emphasis on web services whereby your mobile app is linked to web services enabling updating of your app easily and instantly.
Our strength lies in our understanding of our clients needs, and their images, as well as understanding the end users needs of easy access and their need to quickly find information. Our apps designs are based on both the a cool design and easy navigation, giving access to quick info when needed. 


We also specialize in linking your mobile app to your website database, whereby your mobile app will update info in real time when you update your website, creating easy management of your mobile app without any extra effort.
DDI strength lies in enabling your mobile apps for ecommerce, putting your products directly into your end users hands, and enabling mobile payment as required. Mobile apps that we provide have very advanced features, such as online ordering, ecommerce, google locations, click to call, advanced photo galleries and more.