Mobile Apps

We provide you with beautiful mobile apps both Android and IOS for your business.


We provide your company with dynamic websites with friendly admin and clean designs and blogs.

Social Marketing

We look after your social media and social marketing ensuring that your company has a full bouquet of internet services.


We create any custom software required for managing your business, your clients and financial management.

We have been in operation since 1997, where we were among the first companies to create websites, web design, e-commerce and e-marketing to companies.

Dynamic Dezyne has been at the forefront of technology, and have been a leader in providing web solutions and marketing to the business community in the Middle East.


We come from diversified business backgrounds in IT, Business, Finance, Marketing, Sales and Administration. We all share one vision in common, and have added our experience, vision & values to the company.


We thrive to exceed our clients expectations by providing highest quality with the best customer support. Our areas of expertise include consulting, Training, marketing, mobile apps & web development.


The success of our company is due to the diversified skills and qualities of our team. Our team is young and dynamic professionals, who are  dynamic, innovative and dedicated.

Opportunities don’t happen. You create them.

— Chris Grosser

Our Team

The success of our company depends on the skills and qualities of our team. Our team is young and dynamic professionals, who are highly educated, dynamic, innovative and dedicated. Their education ranges from computer science and business administration, to engineering, marketing, advertising and graphic design.

This range in expertise and technical background allows Dynamic Dezyne International to efficiently serve the different needs of its clients.

Our Objectives

  • DDI main objective is continual growth and expansion through new and innovative products that lead the market into new fields.
  • DDI growth depends directly on continuous research and development to evolve and stay ahead by encompassing new technologies to stay as a leader in its field.
  • DDI will continue to be creative and inventive by adding new products to adapt and meet the fast moving IT and Internet and the changing markets demand.

Mission’s Statement

  • We believe in the quality of our employees and work on building employee loyalty and team work. We are dynamic, responsible, polite, and innovative.
  • We listen to our clients and provide them with solutions to their problems. We advise on the best route and applications according to their needs and budgets, and act as consultants and partners to our clients.
  • We understand that our success is dependent on our clients’ success and satisfaction. We work hard on building long term satisfied clients by providing them with friendly and expert support and help to ensure that they enjoy a happy working relationship with DDI. Our after sales services are as important as pre sales services and follow up.
  • In a fast moving IT world, DDI strives to be at the fore front of all new developments and available technologies. DDI is always working on improving our systems and continually providing our clients with new and innovative products to ensure that we stay a leader in our industry and pass on the benefits to our existing and new clients.
  • We always strive to improve our methods and systems, and in a fast moving environment, DDI is always fine tuning our methods and procedures to encompass and adopt new ideas and strategies. Perfection is our goal.